Jessica Simpson wants a big butt? JLo has new book? What does Charlie XCX's name mean?
Gary Busey tells Channel 5/UK that he recently felt Patrick Swayze's spirit. ''He came through me the other day ... Patrick Swayze's spirit came right through me ... and my father's spirit came right through me. I've been to the other side, after my death after brain surgery ... so I have a connection to that spiritual world. It's a divine connection. Nothing's bad unless you want it to be ... you got to take it the way it is or you won't get it.'

The Sunday World claims Lindsay Lohan's credit card was recently declined at a Hamptons club when she tried to pay for $2,500 worth of drinks. A source tells the paper: "Lindsay freaked out when her card was declined. Her friends and others in her group had to chip in to cover the bill."
Jessie J, Nicki Minaj, Ariana Grande, Charli XCX, Rolling Stone, JLo, Jennifer Lopez, Zac Efron, Michelle Rodriguez, Jessica Simpson, Kim Kardashian, Lindsay Lohan, Gary Busey, Patrick Swayze

Gaga to marry in space? Biebs in more trouble? Mariah & Nick spltting?
The Sun claims Lady Gaga and Taylor Kinney may marry aboard a Virgin Galactic flight into space. A source tells the paper: “Gaga and Taylor want to make a pledge for life, and think the space flight is too big an opportunity to pass up. It would be typical of her to have the least conventional ‘wedding’ ever!”
Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift, Mariah Carey, Nick Cannon, Iggy Azaelea, Calvin Harris

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