Lorde postpones her tour? No John Legend on reality TV?
Julia Roberts tells WSJ magazine that she is having trouble dealing with her half-sister's death. “It’s just heartbreak. It’s only been 20 days. There aren’t words to explain what any of us have been through in these last 20 days. It’s hour by hour some days, but you just keep looking ahead. You don’t want anything bad to happen to anyone, but there are so many tragic, painful, inexplicable things in the world. But [as with] any situation of challenge and despair, we must find a way, as a family. It’s so hard to formulate a sentence about it outside the weepy huddle of my family. Meditation or chanting or any of those things can be so joyous and also very quieting. We share and just say, ‘This is a way I comfort myself.’”
Katy Perry, John Legend, Lorde, Julia Roberts

Rihanna to be in Playboy? Miley postponing tour? No 'N Sync reunion?
The NY Post claims Lindsay Lohan recently went to an underground strip party where she stiffed the dancers. A source tells the paper: “Lindsay told the strippers that she…needed cheering up that night. Lindsay received three lap dances from the same brunette girl and didn’t pay her a dollar. Despite this, Lindsay was very touchy with the girl. The girls work on tips, and usually men pay about $100 a dance. Lindsay was the only patron who did not pay. Lindsay walked in with two men but spent her time alone in a corner watching the girls and smoking cigarettes. She did not drink, but looked extremely haggard and like she needed to go back to rehab. Her hair was really ratty and her eyes were glassy.”
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